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I love this app !!!!!!!

You can find inspiration for everything !!!!


Hyper addictive !!!


Muito bom!!!

Muito bom

Aplicativo incrível ❤️


Tolle App 1A

Best App ever !

Pinterest is the best app when it deals with pictures !

Einfach toll

Super,coole Erfindung : )

overall it works good

There are a few times it forgets my boards when Im trying to pin to one, but all I have to do in those rare times is restart it and its fine. Thats really the only issue Ive had with it, and the red of the time its a good app to use for ideas and sharing info


Wonderful way to organize all your reference materials. A great way to get inspired.


Great app Lots of interesting subjects


Pinterest is a perfect app to learn, great for projects , good ideas to base your self on and then some i in courage every one to use this app for everything i love it for every day entertainment

Cant check comments

Good app and I love it, only problem is that I cant check comments

Used to love it, but....

I used to love it, but now it has changed and not for the good. We, the pinners, arent in control of our account anymore. Its not fun anymore. The most I see on my page is "Picked for You" and Promotions. Also, when I pin something, it usually ends up on my page as a "Picked for You." This eliminates me from seeing the pins of the people that I am following. Even the notifications are now combined with the "News." Im not impressed at all.

Too many ads & too many links to recipes

Lately there are way too many advertisements on recipe pages. And I have to open so many links before I get to the actual recipe. I spend too much time closing ads and opening links... for recipes. It use to be so much more streamlined. Such a shame.


I dislike not seeing my personal number of who repins a specific pin from me. I dont like that its collective now. And I miss the tab that showed my personal notifications. I dont like everything under one news tab. The new profile layout is horrible.

Can we not?

Can we NOT put a Pinterest icon over things we want to read? I get it. Yes, we are on this app. If we want to pin something, it kind of makes it impossible to know whether we actually want to pin it or not because we CANT SEE WHAT WERE READING. This makes it shitty for the app and for anyone advertising on it. Its a double negative. And no, its not math and therefore doesnt make it a positive.

Cant read comments

I luv this app but for a while now I cant click on comments to read comments on pics.

Ms. Bingle

I love Pinterest. So many topics, something for everyone. I love the pictures of nature. Pinterest is so inspiring for upcoming projects I want to make. Love love

Love It

I spend so much time on here. So many amazing ideas.

Love it

So many great pictures and ideas for everything we want to do or see, thank you

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