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Stop updating!!!!!

Stop updating!!! Last one has been the worst.

Latest update, who had this idea

I love Pinterest. The last six updates have really been off the wall. Do I want to know that 56 people started new boards....NO. News that I do not want or utilize. Since the last update,I sign on and find my name but screen is blank, no boards at all. Updated, reinstalled and again this morning a blank screen. Does anyone read these reviews? It does not seem so!

Horrible updates

It is now less user friendly. Please fire your creative director. Revert back to the old style.


When I need some inspiration all I have to do is get on Pinterest and quickly I am receiving a lot of ideas! I Truly Enjoy this Pinterest app! The only negative is that it can be addictive and time consuming

not bad

its ok


I absolutely love this app because it gives you great ideas when it come time for you to go out or do something special for the holidays. The only down side to the app is that it does not give you a website where you can purchase the stuff to piece everything together! Other than that this app is a true life saver and its free!

App no longer opens

Since the last update, this app no longer opens. Please fix this and I can change my review. Thanks, Pinterest!


Im new to Pinterest and it really surprised me how simple it is!


Hyper addictive !!!

Muito bom

Aplicativo incrível ❤️

Good App

Im sure this app could be more intuitive, but I think it has and does everything it needs to!


Nice selection of bikes. Mechanics are good. The prices are fair. Service is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

I use the site but not the app!

They had a good thing and kept making it worse, while not listening to users. Until they at least bring back the grid layout as an option, I want nothing to do with the app. I used to just use the mobile site on my browser (a thing they make difficult to do without accidentally being redirected to the app) but they cleverly changed that to be an annoying as the app.

Moving in the wrong direction

I like many other users used to use Pinterest constantly. Merging the "you" and "news" section was a huge mistake. While I understand sponsored content is necessary, it has become so frequent that my feed looks completely different and is not giving me content I want. I am also not a fan of the "saved ideas" wording rather than "pinned" in the notifications feed. I know this sounds minor but it diminishes the experience overall. These issues along with recent bugs and crashes have led me away from using Pinterest all together. Super bummed. I hope that they make some course corrections.

I Love It !

I really love this program.. It is full of great and helpful ideas as well as lots of feel good material in ALL areas of interest. When I need ideas, its my go to. It jumpstarts my creative process. When I cant sleep, it entertains me and helps me to gather information helpful to many areas of our life.

Best catalog app

Im able to find high quality photos easily


I honestly love everything about it. I had it the for four years and it gets better with the updates. Less crashes.


Great platform.

Love / dis like

I love Pinterest but I dont like the recommendation pins that show up in my feed. I always mark that i dislike and I still get them

One major bug

Ok Pinterest. Its time someone give your workflow guy a talking to. When I google search something and find a picture sourced from Pinterest I want to go to that page in instagram. Instead, it takes me to the App Store splash page. Since I have the app, it should cue the app to open and connect me to where I wanted to go (that picture from google). Instead it routes me to the App Store EVERYTIME and then I loose my path of intent and end up going to another source because of this. This isnt very hard to do, just needs someone to fix it! This is probably the biggest workflow issue Pinterest has.

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